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Christina Perri (LIVE AT THE MASONIC)

As soon as I knew the wonderful Christina Perri is playing at The Masonic in San Francisco, I bought the ticket right away because I don’t want to miss another chance to see her! Several months ago, she was here in San Francisco touring with Birdy and the tickets were sold out right off the bat. Lesson learned! I was soaked in so much excitement waiting in the line for 3 hours BECAUSE I want to be as close as to the stage! I was literally 4 feet from the stage.

She was beyond amazing. She walked in to the stage holding a mug, sat on the piano bench, opened the “Jar of Hearts”. She sang a lot of songs from her 2nd album “Head or Heart” and performed for an hour and a half.

As usual, I was waving my hand in the air like others hoping she would grab my hand. Boy, did she! She was on the left side of the stage, walked down to the right, made eyes contact with me and GRABBED. MY. HAND!!! It was a magical 3-second of heaven.

I made a right decision bringing my camera to the concert. I took beautiful pictures of her and here they are!

I didn’t want the show to end. So was everyone else.

By the way, I posted a picture of her on Instagram and a couple of hours later, she reposted the picture I took! She didn’t give any credits though, but that’s okay. 😀


Until next time,

She reposted the picture I took! I was shocked for a moment because that’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me on social media!

My original picture.


Photographs on 35mm

I collect vintage cameras and I enjoy taking pictures with them. Photographs posted in this session were taken with different cameras.

Love Is Strange isn’t strange

It’s not love that’s strange, but the reality – when we take things for granted. Ira Sachs made a simple, yet poignant film depicting a story about two gay men, Ben and George, who just got married after living together for decades and soon after, unexpected events put them into separation—which later brings the story into a deeply moving boiling point within the big family.

The film opens with a relaxing piano piece composed by Chopin. The beautiful cinematography captures Ben and George getting dressed for their wedding ceremony, meeting with the family and celebrating the ceremony. Ben is a retired man who enjoys painting. George, played by Alfred Molina, is a music teacher at a Catholic school. Right after the wedding, he gets fired as his marriage with another man is against the school’s work related contract and policies – which results in financial crisis to them. They give up the apartment and decide to live separately until they can find a new cheap apartment in New York City. The rest of the story, you better watch it.

It’s heart-touching, realistic, and beautiful. Love Is Strange tells us that life doesn’t go the way we want and it isn’t perfect despite the strong love.

“All Is Lost” nails it.

Has anyone of you seen “All Is Lost” directed by J. C. Chandor? I just watched it and man, it was good! Since after “Gravity” which gave me a breathtaking cinematic ride to the space under 20 bucks, I was longing for another experience like that. “All Is Lost” didn’t fail to bring me to the ocean and it gave me such a feeling of hope and empathy during the screening. The entire film was driven by great sound design and excellent performance of Robert Redford. There was literally almost no dialogue except the opening scene where there was a voice-over and in the middle where Robert had an SOS call.

The plot is simple, but sublime. It’s about an old man lost in his journey in the ocean and a fight for his survival against the disaster to remain alive. Given that only a boat, the ocean, a man and his survival kit and almost no dialogue, some people might find it boring. Not for me. It definitely has a good pacing and a beautiful cinematography, I must say. You can feel it, you know. All in sudden, you think “What am I gonna do if it were me?” In the last scene, when Robert lost his hope and all is lost, it got me thinking how sad it is to die alone in the ocean. I’m sure we can all agree that we would do anything to survive in a disaster like this. Anyway, thanks to the humanity, he was rescued in the end (#spoileralert). If you haven’t watched it, you should. Because it’s deeply moving.

“Boyhood” made me write this.

Although I agree with most critics most of the time on most of the films and as much as I wanted to love “Boyhood” like most of the critics who saw it, I’m sadly going to have to say no to the film. Knowing that the film stands at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, I was tempted to see the “epic” film of all time.

So, after a long and busy week, I finally got to see the film. Bought a ticket, stepped into the theater, turned off my phone and calmed my ass down cause I was soaked in so much excitement. The first 45 minutes of the film was astounding. I went “Yeah, the critics are right.” Then, the movie died after an hour and a half. I appreciate how much effort they put in the 12-year course of production. I mean, 12 freaking years of filming. Ain’t that a history?!

It’s breathtaking to see children grow physically and how their characters emerge. But, the film lacks its body – the story! I wasn’t deeply moved as much as I expected to be. There were dramatic moments and conflicts in the film that touched my heart and that I thought dynamic. There was a good mix of comedy and politics. The only thing that sticks my butt to the seat throughout the whole film was the talents’ performance. It’s like “I watch How I Met Your Mother because I love Neil Patrick Harris”.

The film is a bit bland or perhaps, it’s way too realistic. It was like watching a TV show without taking an intermission. Or more like short films put together in one piece? Perhaps, that’s what Richard Linklater intended to do.

They could’ve built a better story. Or they could’ve told the existing story in a different editing style. Overall, excellent performance of the talents, (almost) beautiful cinematography and a groundbreaking experience of seeing everyone’s growth.

P.S: I’m nowhere near the level of a film critic. Above is based on what I know. I’m sorry to disagree with the critics, but it truly to me was an okay film. I’d give it a 60%.



Into the wild

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.

– Christopher McCandless

Because I’m an adult (Episode 2)

Living on my own is fun. But the not-so-fun part is the monthly bills that slap me real hard in the face at the end of each month. Last year, I moved in with my super awesome best friends and right after we moved in, we talked about how we were going to decorate the apartment with paintings, wallpapers, furniture and how we should build a mini bar in the kitchen and etc. But in reality, it looked the same from the time we moved in to the time we moved out. There were some boxes that remained unpacked. The house was always a mess. It looked as if a missile from Russia just hit it. There were shoes everywhere, literally, even in the kitchen. The sink was usually full of dirty dishes that had been sitting in there for at least 3 days, sometimes a week. The fridge was filled up with a pile of leftovers we never ate. Hair in the bathroom, what could you ask for more?

Moving on to my room. Clothes, some underwear, papers and things I don’t even know existed were on the floor most of the time. My room looked like a giant garbage can that was just hit by a bomb. Not to mention, it smelled liked a combination of sweats coming from crouch and armpit. Okay, it’s a wee bit of a hyperbole. Anyway! I survived.


Cleaning up the room was mostly a failure – which is because I was very lazy to the nine. But now that I moved in to a new place which is much bigger than the previous one, I’ve started to keep it clean as much as I could although I have a roommate who makes a lot of mess more than I do. It was clean at first. But then, we needed to make a mess. Now it’s a garbage can again.

Because I’m an adult (Episode 1)

Admit it, there’s always time for a glass of wine. And you waste your time on the internet scrolling up and down your Facebook newsfeed, stalking your ex-es or the bitches you hate, watching vines videos and especially these days, talking big about the government shutdown as if you are a congressman, and finally, twerking.

I love wine. My roommate loves it too. Once or twice a week, I would run to WholeFoods and grab a bottle of wine while my roommate is a busy master chef cooking some food that would go well with the wine. We would then drink the bottle and browse random videos on the internet and have never-ending/non-sense conversations that usually make both of us want to slap each other in the face. When we hit the bed, it’s usually around 3 in the morning – which is pretty late. Then I’d set multiple alarms before the actual wake-up time. You see, waking up is a big hassle. I wonder how people back in the days woke up without alarms. Anyway! After killing the most annoying alarms, I’d get out of the bed like a dying fish. Then, off to the bathroom to take the world’s fastest and least effective shower. Oftentimes, I would talk to myself like “Ugh, I should’ve gone to bed early!” What I am saying is, it’s still hard for us to follow our schedules. It’s hard to do things we should do. We’re having too much fun.

waking up

(Picture credit goes to GOOGLE)

That’s it for today. I don’t feel like writing anymore. Because, I’ve been sitting here at Starbucks for about a couple of hours now. And I wanna urinate.

I should go home and do my laundry instead. I need quarters. Ugh, being an adult is not easy!


I’m resting in my cozy bed as I’m feeling a little woozy after a breathtaking trip to the space for under 20 dollars. First off, before I talk about how amazing the film “Gravity” was, I think I should fill my empty stomach with some leftover fried oysters I wrapped up from this Chinese place this afternoon.

Okay. I’m telling you, “Gravity” is such a great film and it’s my second favorite after “The Great Gatsby”. Not only were the visuals outstanding, but it also took the audience into the story being told in an environment where we’ve never been to. Sandra Bullock was just stellar. Wearing a pair of clunky 3D glasses, I felt as if I was up in the real space. The mother earth, the stars, the speeding debris and floating objects looked so realistic. There are certain moments in the film where I felt like I was running out of oxygen and dying of panic attacks. Sandra’s performance was so good. The fear on her face, the anxiety attacks and the whole thing looked so real that I even forgot I was watching a movie.Image

The story itself is quite simple. (I’m not telling you the story because I want YOU to watch it) At some point, it may not be practical, but who cares, it’s a movie. Anything can happen in movies. When I first knew about the space as a little boy, I had this crazy imagination: dying in the space rather than being buried in the ground of mother earth. I know, right? I’m not a fan of happy ending movies. In the end, I wanted Sandra to die in the space. But she didn’t – which isn’t a big deal actually. Overall, it’s a worth seeing film. I recommend it. I loved it. Take a breathtaking trip to the space for only 20 bucks! It’s a film of beauty, emotion, humanity and visual wander. So, make sure your heart and nerves can take it.

Things happen…

“Fuck it, where is my shit? Oh my god I’m mad at it. Oh my god I’m mad at it.” — Warpaint